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HR Rep: Bringing the World to Emory: Basics of Hiring Foreign Nationals

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This course focuses on the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program and H-1B employment, the two most common immigration statuses used for employees/visiting scholars at Emory, and provides an overview of other non-immigrant statuses that allow for employment.

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- Immigration Concepts: Discussion of basic immigration concepts related to non-immigrant statuses. Includes related agencies, immigration documents, and general information about visa processing and entry to the U.S. - J-1 Exchange Visitor Program: Overview of background and purpose of the exchange visitor program. Discussion of J-1 categories used at Emory University and proper selection of category for incoming exchange visitor. - Rules and Regulations: Thorough discussion of rules and regulations governing J-1 and H-1B visa statuses in relation to hiring and onboarding a foreign national. - Departmental Request Process: Detailing the steps required in making a successful departmental request to hire and onboard a foreign national in J-1 and H-1B statuses. Step-by-step guide to completing a departmental request in Peoplesoft. - I-9s for Foreign Nationals: A brief overview of other non-immigrant statuses that allow for employment. Completing I-9s for foreign nationals with appropriate documentation.

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