HR Rep Details for Ed Moseley III

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Ed Moseley III
Title:  Sr. Dir, Business & Finance
Department:  Communications (EUV)
Work Phone:  4047125274
E-mail Address:
Rep Level:   HR Rep Level II

HR Representative for:

COMM: Brand Management Op (039525) 
COMM: Emory Magazine (039007) 
COMM: Emory Report (039009) 
COMM: Health Sci Commun Op (039105) 
COMM: Media Relations Persnnl (039011) 
COMM: Photo/Video Services (039305) 
COMM: Univ Publication Persnnl (039210) 
COMM: Univ Publications Op (039205) 
COMM: Univ. Communications (039005) 
COMM: Univ. Media Relations (039012) 
Communications (EUV) (039010) 
Government Affairs Personnel (039610) 
Office of Government Affairs (018000) 
Office of Government Affairs (039600) 
WDG - Operating (039700) 
WDG- Personnel (039710) 
Web & Digital Operations (039505) 
Web & Digital Personnel (039510)