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Tiarra M. Lewis
Title:  Div Director, Human Resources
Department:  SPH: Human Resources
Work Phone:  4043266226
E-mail Address:
Rep Level:   HR Rep Level I

HR Representative for:

SPH: Academic Admin (810004) 
SPH: Accreditation (810018) 
SPH: Applied Public Health (810003) 
SPH: Behavrl Sciences & Health (811000) 
SPH: Biostatistics (812000) 
SPH: Business Services (810002) 
SPH: CMPH (810009) 
SPH: Communications (810017) 
SPH: Curran Operating (810010) 
SPH: Dean's Office (810000) 
SPH: Earn and Learn (810008) 
SPH: Environmental Health (813000) 
SPH: Epidemiology (814000) 
SPH: Finance and Compliance (810015) 
SPH: Fulfillment Services (810013) 
SPH: Global Health (816000) 
SPH: Global Health Institute (817000) 
SPH: Health Policy and Mngmnt (815000) 
SPH: Human Resources (810016) 
SPH: Information Services (810007) 
SPH: Research Admin (810014) 
SPH: Research Associate Dean (810012) 
SPH: Student Services (810005) 
SPH:Career Development (810006)