HR Rep Details for Karen Paul-Reed

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Karen Paul-Reed
Title:  Administrative Assistant, Exec
Department:  Vice President for Finance
Work Phone:  4047277874
E-mail Address:
Rep Level:   HR Rep Level I

HR Representative for:

Controllers Office: Central Ma (111020) 
Controllers: Payroll (113020) 
Data Warehouse & Business Int (110016) 
Emory Card (086160) 
EmoryCard Student Finl Svcs (113035) 
FGC: Cost Transfers (112050) 
Finance of Grants & Contracts (112010) 
Financial Operations: PTP (113010) 
Financial Operations: Payroll (113040) 
Financial Operations: SFS (113030) 
Office of Finance Systems & Da (110015) 
Office of the Controller (111010) 
PTP-Comm & Mktg (113016) 
PTP-Payment Services (113014) 
PTP-Procurement Operations (113017) 
PTP-Strategic Sourcing (113015) 
VP Finance: Capital Bank (110020) 
VP Finance:Treasury&Debt Mgmt (110030) 
VP for Fin:Finance Initiatives (110012) 
Vice President for Finance (110010)