HR Rep Details for Lisa Johnson

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Lisa Johnson
Title:  Mgr, Faculty Affairs (GBS)
Department:  GBS:VD - Faculty and Research
Work Phone:  4047270245
E-mail Address:
Rep Level:   HR Rep Level I

HR Representative for:

GBS: Acad Affairs/Inst Design (871060) 
GBS: Accounting Area (872010) 
GBS: Alumni Relations (871021) 
GBS: BBA Program Office (873010) 
GBS: Dean/Vice-Dean (871010) 
GBS: Evening MBA Program Off (873030) 
GBS: Exec Ed - Open Enrollment (874020) 
GBS: Executive MBA Program Off (873040) 
GBS: Facilities Administration (871051) 
GBS: Faculty Support / Resrch (872090) 
GBS: Finance Administration (871053) 
GBS: Full Time MBA Prgrm Offce (873020) 
GBS: Human Resources/Diversity (871090) 
GBS: Leadership (872070) 
GBS: MBA Admissions (873070) 
GBS: MBA CMC (873060) 
GBS: Management Practice (872110) 
GBS: Marketing (Acad) (872030) 
GBS: Marketing - Programs (871022) 
GBS: PhD Program Office (873050) 
GBS: Technology Services (871030) 
GBS:VD - Faculty and Research (871011) 
Masters Science/Bus Analytic (873055) 
Social Enterprise Center (872095)