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Lisa D Simmons MBA
Title:  Administrator Biomedical Engineering and Biomedical Informatics
Department:  SOM: Department Administrators
Work Phone:  4047279875
E-mail Address:
Rep Level:   HR Rep Level II

HR Representative for:

GRS: Biomedical Engineering (862700) 
SOM: BME: Admin (724000) 
SOM: BME: Coulter (724050) 
SOM: BMI: Admin (724200) 
SOM: Basic Science RAS (720500) 
SOM: Biochem: Admin (723000) 
SOM: Cell Biology: Admin (724500) 
SOM: Emory Vaccine Center (725505) 
SOM: HR/Fin-Basic Sciences (720300) 
SOM: Hum Gen: Admin (725000) 
SOM: Hum Gen: Counseling Prog (725010) 
SOM: Hum Gen: Medical Genetics (725005) 
SOM: Pharmacology: AH (726005) 
SOM: Pharmacology: Admin (726000) 
SOM: Physiology: Admin (726500)