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Raelene Wolf
Title:  Mgr, Employee Relations - ADV
Department:  ADV: Operations
Work Phone:  4049226583
E-mail Address:
Rep Level:   HR Rep Level III

HR Representative for:

ADV: AE Alumni Programs (034015) 
ADV: AE Career Services (034025) 
ADV: AE Homecoming (034029) 
ADV: AE Presidential Engagemnt (034037) 
ADV: AE Student Development (034032) 
ADV: AE Volunteer Programs (034036) 
ADV: AVP Clin Prog Operating (030108) 
ADV: AVP Clin Prog/Med Resrch (036530) 
ADV: AVP Colleges/Schls/Units (036510) 
ADV: AVP Collges/Sch Operating (030106) 
ADV: AVP Grad Schls Operating (030107) 
ADV: AVP Grad Schools/Units (036520) 
ADV: Acad Advancement Home (037000) 
ADV: Acad Advmnt Admin Non Sal (037010) 
ADV: Acad Advmnt Admin Salary (037011) 
ADV: Administration (030000) 
ADV: Adv IT Ops Operating (031050) 
ADV: Adv IT Ops Salary (031051) 
ADV: Adv Info Svcs Operating (031055) 
ADV: Adv Info Svcs Salary (031056) 
ADV: Adv Ops Admin Operating (031040) 
ADV: Adv Ops Admin Salary (031041) 
ADV: Adv Prog Admin Operating (032020) 
ADV: Adv Programs Salary (030105) 
ADV: Advancement Prog Salary (032021) 
ADV: Advancement Prog Support (032022) 
ADV: Advancement Programs Home (032000) 
ADV: Advancemnt Comms Sal (032046) 
ADV: Advancemnt Comms Support (032047) 
ADV: Advancemnt IT Ops Support (031057) 
ADV: Advancmnt Comms Operating (032045) 
ADV: Advcmnt Info Svcs Support (031058) 
ADV: Advncmnt Events Operating (030109) 
ADV: Alum/Const Prog Operating (034038) 
ADV: Alumni Engagement Home (034000) 
ADV: Alumni Engagement Ops (034010) 
ADV: Alumni Engagement Salary (034011) 
ADV: Alumni Engagement Support (034012) 
ADV: Annual Giving Home (035000) 
ADV: Annual Giving Operating (035010) 
ADV: Annual Giving Salary (035011) 
ADV: Annual Giving Support (035012) 
ADV: Brain Health Operating (033056) 
ADV: Business School Operating (032030) 
ADV: Business School Sal (032031) 
ADV: Business School Support (032032) 
ADV: Campaign Events (036012) 
ADV: Campaign Volunteer Ldrshp (030120) 
ADV: Campus Life Salary (037046) 
ADV: Campus Life Support (037047) 
ADV: Cardiovascular Operating (033057) 
ADV: Center for Ethics Salary (032029) 
ADV: Center for Ethics Support (032028) 
ADV: Central Admin Salary (030011) 
ADV: Chief of Staff Operating (030104) 
ADV: Clin Programs Operating (030118) 
ADV: Community & Diversity (030029) 
ADV: Const Giv/Don Rel Opertng (030117) 
ADV: Constit Anlytcs Operating (030116) 
ADV: Convocations (031030) 
ADV: Corp Relations Operating (032017) 
ADV: Corp Relations Salary (032019) 
ADV: Corp Relations Support (032018) 
ADV: Ctr for Ethics (Retired) (032023) 
ADV: Division Initiatives (030095) 
ADV: Donor Fnd Rptng Operating (031052) 
ADV: Donor Fund Rptng Salary (031053) 
ADV: Donor Fund Rptng Support (031054) 
ADV: Donor Recognition (032055) 
ADV: Donor Relations Operating (032050) 
ADV: Donor Relations Salary (032051) 
ADV: Donor Relations Support (032052) 
ADV: Emory College Operating (037040) 
ADV: Emory College Sal (037041) 
ADV: Emory College Support (037042) 
ADV: Emory Healthcare Salary (033041) 
ADV: Emory Hlthcare Operating (033040) 
ADV: Emory Relief - Katrina (036031) 
ADV: Finance Salary (031006) 
ADV: Finance Support (031009) 
ADV: Foundation Rel Operating (032015) 
ADV: Foundation Rel Salary (032016) 
ADV: Foundation Rel Support (032014) 
ADV: Gift Planning Operating (032040) 
ADV: Gift Planning Salary (032041) 
ADV: Gift Planning Support (032042) 
ADV: Global Health Institute (033064) 
ADV: Graduate School Operating (032025) 
ADV: Graduate School Salary (032026) 
ADV: Graduate School Support (032027) 
ADV: HR Division Initiatives (031013) 
ADV: Health Sci AG Support (033060) 
ADV: Health Sci Annual Giving (033059) 
ADV: Health Sci Ops Operating (033010) 
ADV: Health Sci Ops Salary (033011) 
ADV: Health Sci Ops Support (033012) 
ADV: Health Sci Stewardship (033058) 
ADV: Health Sciences (033000) 
ADV: Health Sciences Admin Sal (033006) 
ADV: Hosp Programs Operating (030119) 
ADV: Human Resources Operating (031010) 
ADV: Human Resources Salary (031011) 
ADV: Human Resources Support (031012) 
ADV: Indirect Team Salary (030115) 
ADV: Intl Adv/Engage Operating (030113) 
ADV: Law School Operating (032035) 
ADV: Law School Salary (032036) 
ADV: Law School Support (032037) 
ADV: Library Support (037032) 
ADV: Library Operating (037030) 
ADV: Museum Operating (037025) 
ADV: Museum Sal (037026) 
ADV: Museum Support (037027) 
ADV: Operating Support (030001) 
ADV: Operations (031000) 
ADV: Oxford College Operating (037020) 
ADV: Oxford College Salary (037021) 
ADV: Oxford College Support (037022) 
ADV: PLT Campaign Travel (030121) 
ADV: Parent Philan Operating (037050) 
ADV: Parent Philan Salary (037051) 
ADV: Parent Philan Support (037052) 
ADV: Prospect Mgmt Sal (031066) 
ADV: Prospect Research Support (031062) 
ADV: Prospect Resrch Operating (031060) 
ADV: Prospect Resrch Salary (031061) 
ADV: Regional Advanc Operating (030110) 
ADV: SAVP Strag Comm Operating (030100) 
ADV: SOM Alumni Operating (033020) 
ADV: SOM Programs Operating (033015) 
ADV: SOM Programs Sal (033016) 
ADV: SVP Top Donor Engagement (030114) 
ADV: Salary Support (030002) 
ADV: Sch of Nursing Salary (033031) 
ADV: Sch of Nursing Support (033032) 
ADV: Sch of Pub Hlth Operating (033035) 
ADV: Sch of Pub Hlth Salary (033036) 
ADV: Sch of Pub Hlth Support (033037) 
ADV: School of Medicine Supprt (033017) 
ADV: School/Unit Ops Operating (030111) 
ADV: Sr Vice Presdnt Operating (030015) 
ADV: Strategic Communic Salary (030101) 
ADV: Strategic Communications (030500) 
ADV: Strategic Plan Fund Txfrs (030006) 
ADV: Telefund Operating (035015) 
ADV: Theology Operating (032010) 
ADV: Theology Salary (032011) 
ADV: Units of Provst Salary (037016) 
ADV: University Events (031035) 
ADV: VP Advancement Operating (030102) 
ADV: VP for Advancement (036500) 
ADV: VP for Advancement Salary (030103) 
ADV: Veterans Progrm Operating (030112) 
ADV: WHSC Prin Gifts Operating (033055) 
ADV: Winship Support (033047) 
ADV: Yerkes Salary (033051) 
DAR: Nursing School Non Sal (033030) 
DAR: Winship Salary (033046)