HR Rep Details for Donna Cunningham MSHRM, JM

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Donna Cunningham MSHRM, JM
Title:  Mgr, Human Resources/Deputy Title IX Coord
Department:  GRS: Dean's Office
Work Phone:  4047274581
E-mail Address:
Rep Level:   HR Rep Level I

HR Representative for:

GRS: Admissions & Academic Ops (861100) 
GRS: Dean's Office (861000) 
GRS: Development Practice M (866100) 
GRS: GDBBS (862100) 
GRS: Special Projects (861900) 
GRS: Student Affairs (861300) 
GRS:Computer Science (863130) 
GRS:English as a Second Lang (861500) 
GRS:Institute Develop Nations (868400) 
Race and Difference Initiative (868100)