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  Rep Level Key
NameTitleDivisionRep Level
Verena P D'MellowDivision Director, Human ResourcesYerkes National Primate ResearII
Shayla EdmondsonHuman Resources SpecialistYerkes National Primate ResearII
Crystal GergyeVet Lab Anim Med ResidentYerkes National Primate ResearI
Mary E. AndrewsBusiness Mgr, Non-resident AliensVice President For FinanceI
Barbara BuehrerFinancial AnalystVice President For FinanceI
Michael A JacubentaDir,Student Fin Svc,Univ Bill/ReceivableVice President For FinanceI
Cheryl KilgoreSpons Res Fin Analyst, LeadVice President For FinanceI
Bill LambertAsst VP, Fin/Grants/ContractsVice President For FinanceIII
Chelsea LongBusiness Analyst IVice President For FinanceI
Urvi PatelSr Director, Financial System SupportVice President For FinanceI
Karen Paul-ReedAdministrative Assistant, ExecVice President For FinanceI
Rose E Waller rose.waller@emoAward Analyst (FGC)Vice President For FinanceI
Sabrina R CallahanDiv Director, Human ResourcesThe Carter CenterII
Sharmel GonzalezHuman Resources Asc, SrThe Carter CenterII
Tanna KrewsonProgram Assistant (NGO)The Carter CenterI
Kimberly BagotAccountantSchool Of Public HealthI
Beth BrundigeDivision Director, Human ResourcesSchool Of Public HealthII
Beth BrundigeDivision Director, Human ResourcesSchool Of Public HealthIII
Cindy GasawayHuman Resources Associate, SrSchool Of Public HealthII
Sherree HillAdministrative AssistantSchool Of Public HealthIII
Michol HiltonHuman Resources AscSchool Of Public HealthII
Lisa V ParkerRollins Earn and Learn ManagerSchool Of Public HealthI
Gina Critchet MBA, CRAAsc Dean, Fin & Adm (Nursing)School Of NursingII
Gina Critchet MBA, CRAAsc Dean, Fin & Adm (Nursing)School Of NursingIII
Teresa FosqueSr Mgr, Human ResourcesSchool Of NursingIII
Jasmine Hoffman MBA, APRAsc Dean & COO (SON)School Of NursingIII
Adam R MalmDir, Operations (NHWSN)School Of NursingIII
Joan AdamsonAdministrative AssistantSchool Of MedicineI
Katrice AlexanderResearch Admin, Post Award IISchool Of MedicineI
Nandi J. Ali BAProgram AssociateSchool Of MedicineI
Keisa AllenHR Operations, Lead (SOM SSC)School Of MedicineII
David AlterHR Operations, Lead (SOM SSC)School Of MedicineII
Luke AndersonClinical Admin, Fam Prvnt MedSchool Of MedicineII
Marcie AnsariHR Oper Supp Spec (SOM SSC)School Of MedicineI
Alison BelgraveAsc Dir, FinanceSchool Of MedicineI
Marilane B Bond EdD/MBAAsc Dean, Medical EducationSchool Of MedicineII
Melissa A Boone MBAAsc Dir, ProgramsSchool Of MedicineII
Laura BrewerHR Operations, Lead (SOM SSC)School Of MedicineIII
Sarah Brewer MBA, MHAClin Admin, Brain HealthSchool Of MedicineII
Martha BrundigeManager, Human ResourcesSchool Of MedicineI
Addie ByrdCoord, ProgramSchool Of MedicineI
Erica L CaplanHuman Resources AssociateSchool Of MedicineI
Jewell L Carter MA PHRHR Generalist (SOM SSC)School Of MedicineII
LaDawn ChristianHR Oper Supp Spec (SOM SSC)School Of MedicineI
Nancy Fox CiliaxResearch Admin, Pre-Award IISchool Of MedicineI
Kevin ClarkExec Admin, Brain HealthSchool Of MedicineII
Pam ColtraneHR Administrator (SOM SSC)School Of MedicineII
Pam ColtraneHR Administrator (SOM SSC)School Of MedicineIII
Rebecca B CorrellAccounting ManagerSchool Of MedicineI
Dedra CottonHuman Resources Associate, SrSchool Of MedicineI
Jon CraneSr Div Admin, Dept of MedicineSchool Of MedicineIII
Gretchen CrosbyAsc Clinical AdministratorSchool Of MedicineI
Tania L. DavisCoord, ProgramSchool Of MedicineI
Samantha DowellBusiness ManagerSchool Of MedicineI
Ryan DownsResearch Admin, Post-Award ISchool Of MedicineI
June C EddingfieldAssociate Director, AdmissionsSchool Of MedicineI
Justina Edwards EdwardsAdministrative AssistantSchool Of MedicineI
Judy Fernandez MHADivision AdministratorSchool Of MedicineI
Paul Ficklin-Alred MDivProgram CoordinatorSchool Of MedicineI
Lisa M FisherClinical AdministratorSchool Of MedicineII
Tomeika FordeHR Oper Supp Spec (SOM SSC)School Of MedicineI
Joann Franko MHAResearch Adm, Post-Award MgrSchool Of MedicineI
Angela Gardner MBADirector, EMCF Business OperationsSchool Of MedicineI
Karen H GardnerAsc Dir, Staff/Faculty HR-SOMSchool Of MedicineI
Karen H GardnerAsc Dir, Staff/Faculty HR-SOMSchool Of MedicineIII
Kristi GodboltResearch Admin, Post Award IISchool Of MedicineI
Carissa M. GrantResearch Admin, Pre-Award IISchool Of MedicineI
Robert A Guyton MDProfessorSchool Of MedicineII
Ruby D HalcombHuman Resources AssociateSchool Of MedicineI
Michael HatteryClinical Admin, OrthopaedicsSchool Of MedicineII
Renee Hawes PHR, SHRM-CPHR Operations, Lead (SOM SSC)School Of MedicineI
Dara HawkinsAdministrative AssistantSchool Of MedicineI
Loan HuynhAccountantSchool Of MedicineI
Angel Jackson HR Generalist40HR Generalist (SOM SSC)School Of MedicineI
LaTonya W JacksonClinical Business MgrSchool Of MedicineII
Nancy JenkinsSr Dir, Research Admin SvcsSchool Of MedicineII
Joseph JohnExec Adm, Surgical Clin SvcsSchool Of MedicineII
Alfreda JohnsonHR Generalist (SOM SSC)School Of MedicineII
Stacy K JohnsonAsst Director, ProgramsSchool Of MedicineI
Ida Jones-RenderHR Generalist (SOM SSC)School Of MedicineI
Robert E Karaffa IITech Dir/Flow Cytometry Core FacilitySchool Of MedicineII
Wilbur Lam MD, PhDAssoc ProfessorSchool Of MedicineII
Brittany LannertAsst ProfessorSchool Of MedicineI
Sang LeClin Research Coordinator IVSchool Of MedicineI
Aaron LeeHR Administrator (SOM SSC)School Of MedicineIII
Faith LevyAdmissions ManagerSchool Of MedicineI
Sagar Lonial MDProfessor And ChairSchool Of MedicineIII
Sade Loye MBAMgr, Financial Plan and AnalysSchool Of MedicineI
Tarrance MaloneResearch Admin, Post Award IIISchool Of MedicineI
Sandra Maryman MDConsultant (Faculty)School Of MedicineIII
Jim McKayClinical AdministratorSchool Of MedicineII
Kinsey McMurtryAsc Dir, ProgramsSchool Of MedicineI
Natalie McWhorterMgr, Financial Plan and AnalysSchool Of MedicineI
Beverly MedleyProgram Assoc, SrSchool Of MedicineI
Joanna MiragayaAsst ProfessorSchool Of MedicineI
Hassan Monfared MDAsst ProfessorSchool Of MedicineII
Lynne Morelock-Roy MBADivision AdministratorSchool Of MedicineII
Margaret T Murray CRAResearch Admin, Post Award IIISchool Of MedicineI
Alice Muson-WoodAdministrative AssistantSchool Of MedicineI
Robert NadolskiClinical AdministratorSchool Of MedicineII
Robert NadolskiClinical AdministratorSchool Of MedicineIII
Ivy Newman JD/SPHRHR Administrator (SOM SSC)School Of MedicineI
Ivy Newman JD/SPHRHR Administrator (SOM SSC)School Of MedicineIII
Cindy NguyenDir, Budget/Finance (SOM)School Of MedicineI
Monica NunnHR AssistantSchool Of MedicineI
Melinda OgilvieDivision AdministratorSchool Of MedicineII
Alexander Olivas MPHResearch Admin, Post Award IIISchool Of MedicineII
Erin OwoadeHR Generalist (SOM SSC)School Of MedicineII
Sandra PageResearch Admin, Post Award IIISchool Of MedicineI
Cynthia B PainterAdministrative ManagerSchool Of MedicineI
Johnnie ParkerAdministrative ManagerSchool Of MedicineI
Meghna PatelAsst ProfessorSchool Of MedicineIII
Thomas QuinnDirector (Division), Information TechnologySchool Of MedicineII
Mark Hyman Rapaport MDReunette W. Harris Professor and ChairSchool Of MedicineI
Susan RatliffProgram Business ManagerSchool Of MedicineI
Christopher L RayburnExecutive AdministratorSchool Of MedicineII
Althea Rutherford EdwardsHR Oper Supp Spec (SOM SSC)School Of MedicineIII
Martin Sanda MDProfessor And ChairSchool Of MedicineIII
Kayla SharpeHR Oper Supp Spec (SOM SSC)School Of MedicineI
Kayla SharpeHR Oper Supp Spec (SOM SSC)School Of MedicineIII
Lisa D Simmons MBAAdmin, BMI/BME & Dir, HR/FinSchool Of MedicineII
Alicia K Smith PhDAssoc ProfessorSchool Of MedicineII
Megan SmithHR Generalist (SOM SSC)School Of MedicineII
Charles I K SparkmanAdministratorSchool Of MedicineII
Melva StepsResearch Admin, Post Award IIISchool Of MedicineI
Jackie StromFinancial Analyst, SeniorSchool Of MedicineIII
Robert (Bob) Sullivan MBAClin Admin, Human Genetics; Cell Biology; PhsiologySchool Of MedicineII
Sandra S TalleyDivision Administrator, CardiologySchool Of MedicineI
Cliff TeagueSr Dir, Human Resources (SOM)School Of MedicineIII
Doreen TheuneResearch Project Coordinator, SrSchool Of MedicineI
Robert Torre PhDAdjunct InstructorSchool Of MedicineI
Janice Townsend-PriestleyProject CoordinatorSchool Of MedicineI
Marcus UrquiagaDivision AdministratorSchool Of MedicineI
Anna VannAdministrative AssistantSchool Of MedicineII
Vertis WalkerHR Administrator (SOM SSC)School Of MedicineI
Joyce WatfordAdministrative AssistantSchool Of MedicineI
Andrew C West MBA/MHACenter Administrator, SrSchool Of MedicineII
Carmen L WestHR Oper Supp Spec (SOM SSC)School Of MedicineI
Lynn WileyFinancial Data AnalystSchool Of MedicineI
Renita WileyResearch Admin, Pre-Award MgrSchool Of MedicineI
Mary WilliamsAdmin. Assistant, Sr.School Of MedicineI
Tanita WilliamsAccountant, SeniorSchool Of MedicineI
Tanita WilliamsAccountant, SeniorSchool Of MedicineII
Reid Willingham MHACenter Administrator, SrSchool Of MedicineII
Edward H Wood IIIResearch Admin, Post Award IIISchool Of MedicineI
Tracy WoodsHR Associate, SrSchool Of MedicineI
Leita K YoungAdmin AsstSchool Of MedicineI
Sidnee Paschal YoungFinancial DirectorSchool Of MedicineI
Jacob ZelkoData Information SpecialistSchool Of MedicineIII
Jianli Zhao PhDSr Asc Dir, GMESchool Of MedicineII
Linda JacksonAdministrative AssistantSchool Of LawI
Katina SingletonHuman Resources AscSchool Of LawII
Sheritha Nichelle Brown MBAAssistant Director of Finance & AdministrationResearch AdministrationI
Maria Mendez MSAsst Director for Human Resources and OperationsResearch AdministrationII
Angelia RussellHuman Resources AscResearch AdministrationI
Juliana Acosta-CastanoAdministrative Assistant, SrPresident's OfficeI
Juliana Acosta-CastanoAdministrative Assistant, SrPresident's OfficeII
Sandra FrancisAsst Coord, ProgramPresident's OfficeI
Terrell MckenzieAsc Dir, Lullwater Oper & ProgPresident's OfficeI
Wendy L CrankFinancial Aid Advisor, SrOxford CollegeI
Danielle MillerSr Asc Dean, Fin/Ops/Tech-OxfOxford CollegeIII
Carol MoserHuman Resources AscOxford CollegeII
Susan J Newborn SPHRDiv Director, Human ResourcesOxford CollegeIII
Eric AbramsDir, Finance (Division)Office of General CounselI
Bethany BakerHuman Resources Asc, SrOfc of Dev & Alumni RelationsII
Carrie HydeCoord, ProgramOfc of Dev & Alumni RelationsI
Megan LineberryDir, Development & Alumni SvcsOfc of Dev & Alumni RelationsIII
Elle McDonaldMgr Sr, OperationsOfc of Dev & Alumni RelationsI
Amanda Penn Watson SPHR, CCPSenior Human Resources AssociateOfc of Dev & Alumni RelationsII
Raelene WolfDirector of Human ResourcesOfc of Dev & Alumni RelationsIII
Bianca YoungHuman Resources SpecialistOfc of Dev & Alumni RelationsIII
Carla Ashe-HutchinsonHuman Resources SpecialistLITS: Library and IT ServicesI
Cresenda BennettAdmin AssistantLITS: Library and IT ServicesI
Bonita R BryanDept Head, Collection ServicesLITS: Library and IT ServicesI
Nydia Charles HugginsHuman Resources Asc, SrLITS: Library and IT ServicesI
Kim ComstockBusiness ManagerLITS: Library and IT ServicesII
John E. ConneratDirector, LITS Strategic InitiativesLITS: Library and IT ServicesIII
Joanna W GreenChief Business Officer, LITSLITS: Library and IT ServicesIII
Sandra HarrisonAccountant, SrLITS: Library and IT ServicesI
Susan HenschenBusiness Mgr, SrLITS: Library and IT ServicesI
Khadijah MuhammadHuman Resources AscLITS: Library and IT ServicesI
Rob RennerDiv Director, Human ResourcesLITS: Library and IT ServicesIII
Joni BaylisRecruiting SpecialistHuman ResourcesI
Stephanie BrownHuman Resources AsstHuman ResourcesI
Lisha Collins-HaygoodRecruiting SpecialistHuman ResourcesI
Cheryl CoulthurstDir, Recruitment (Univ)Human ResourcesI
Raciquel EdwardsBenefits SpecialistHuman ResourcesI
Tia FavorsBenefits Specialist, LeadHuman ResourcesII
Thomas A. George MBA, JM, SPHRDir, Employee RelationsHuman ResourcesII
Thomas A. George MBA, JM, SPHRDir, Employee RelationsHuman ResourcesIII
Sacha HandAdministrative Assistant, ExecHuman ResourcesI
Darien HarrisFinance/Accounting SpecialistHuman ResourcesI
Emily HauertRecruiting SpecialistHuman ResourcesI
Vicky JonesMgr, Emory Temp ServicesHuman ResourcesII
Sue KimHR Specialist (Central HR)Human ResourcesIII
Maquentia LeeHR Specialist (Central HR)Human ResourcesI
Marilyn Lineberger PhDDir, FSAP ServicesHuman ResourcesI
Kamile ListerRecruiting SpecialistHuman ResourcesI
Erin LongDirector, HR CommunicationsHuman ResourcesIII
Randall Lucius PhDDir, Org Development (EU)Human ResourcesIII
Ashlyn MaguireRecruiting SpecialistHuman ResourcesI
Sheriece MarchHuman Resources AscHuman ResourcesII
Aaronnette McFarlinWork-Life SpecialistHuman ResourcesI
Meagan McPhailRecruiting SpecialistHuman ResourcesI
Jace RogersRecruiting Specialist, SrHuman ResourcesI
Mallory RutledgeRecruiting SpecialistHuman ResourcesI
Michael StaufackerDirector, Health ManagementHuman ResourcesIII
Karen TruesdaleDir, Employee RelationsHuman ResourcesIII
Desire WarnerHuman Resources AsstHuman ResourcesI
Mackenzie BristowDir, Engl Lng Sup Prg/Glob EngGraduate SchoolIII
Marquis CoaxumFinancial AnalystGraduate SchoolII
Melissa GilstrapAsc Dir, CommunicationsGraduate SchoolI
Mary E K Horton MPH/MAAsst Dean, LGS Student AffairsGraduate SchoolII
Janice KangAsc Dir, Business Ops (LGS)Graduate SchoolI
Donna Cunningham MSHRM, JMMgr, Human Resources/Deputy Title IX CoordGraduate SchoolI
Carla Roncoli PhDAssociate DirectorGraduate SchoolII
Margie VarnadoBusiness ManagerGraduate SchoolI
Cattani AllenHuman Resources Asst, SrGoizueta Business SchoolI
Tristan CampbellHuman Resources SpecialistGoizueta Business SchoolI
Cynetta FreemanSenior Human Resources AssociateGoizueta Business SchoolII
Lisa JohnsonMgr, Faculty Affairs (GBS)Goizueta Business SchoolI
Alicia SierraDir, HR & Diversity (GBS)Goizueta Business SchoolIII
Belva WhiteChief Bus, Analytics & Ops OfcGoizueta Business SchoolIII
Denise ChandlerMgr, Film Mgmt/Contracting-BPIExecutive Vice PresidentI
Akelia HypoliteAdministrative AssistantExecutive Vice PresidentI
Mary E WardAdministrative Assistant, SrExecutive Vice PresidentI
Pamela BourboAsst Dir, Clin Research StaffExec.V.P. for Health AffairsI
Melissa ChildressExec Admin, Cancer ServicesExec.V.P. for Health AffairsIII
Janet ChristenburyDirector, Media Relations, Emory HealthcareExec.V.P. for Health AffairsII
Allison CrouchCenter Administrator, SrExec.V.P. for Health AffairsII
Angie DanielsCoord, HR ProjectExec.V.P. for Health AffairsI
Donna M DayCommunications SpecialistExec.V.P. for Health AffairsI
Dianne DullHuman Resources SpecialistExec.V.P. for Health AffairsI
Robin C. Ginn MBA, CHC, CHRCAsst VP, Resch Adm/Ex Dir, OCRExec.V.P. for Health AffairsII
Andrea GoolsbyDiv Director, Human ResourcesExec.V.P. for Health AffairsIII
George H Grant PhDExecutive Director, Spiritual Health, Emory HealthcareExec.V.P. for Health AffairsII
Lynn GravesAdministrative Assistant, SrExec.V.P. for Health AffairsI
Heather Hamby MPHCBO SOM & PGP/Asc VP, Clin IntExec.V.P. for Health AffairsII
Heather Hamby MPHCBO SOM & PGP/Asc VP, Clin IntExec.V.P. for Health AffairsIII
Scott Henderson MDEx Dir, Occupational HealthExec.V.P. for Health AffairsII
Beth Jackson-JordanMgr, Spiritual Hlth & Com CareExec.V.P. for Health AffairsII
R. Paul Johnson MDDirector, YerkesExec.V.P. for Health AffairsIII
Gregory H Jones DrAssoc Vice President, Health AffairsExec.V.P. for Health AffairsIII
Jon Lewin MD/FACREVP for Health Affairs and CEO Emory HealthcareExec.V.P. for Health AffairsIII
Brenda LopezCoord, ProgramExec.V.P. for Health AffairsI
Nancy S RunnerManager, Human ResourcesExec.V.P. for Health AffairsII
Samuel ShartarSr. Administrator CEPARExec.V.P. for Health AffairsII
Pamela SomersetHuman Resources AscExec.V.P. for Health AffairsI
Vikas Sukhatme MD, ScDnullExec.V.P. for Health AffairsIII
Barbara Walsh WalshChief Admin Officer, SJTRIExec.V.P. for Health AffairsII
Stephanie deRijke RN/MSN/FNPDirector, CT Audit and ComplianceExec.V.P. for Health AffairsII
Belinda GadriHuman Resources Asst (ETS)Emory Temporary ServicesIII
Jasmine RamuditHuman Resources Spec (ETS)Emory Temporary ServicesIII
Ken WilliamsHuman Resources Asst, Sr (ETS)Emory Temporary ServicesI
Keiko YeungAdmin Assistant (ETS)Emory Temporary ServicesIII
Rosalyn LightfootAdministrative AssistantEmory CollegeI
Keith AnthonySr Asc Dir, ProgramsEmory CollegeI
Toni AveryAcademic Dept AdministratorEmory CollegeI
Blanche BarnettAcademic Department AdminEmory CollegeI
Brenda BaxterAcademic Department AdminEmory CollegeI
Munia BhaumikAsst ProfessorEmory CollegeIII
Darnishia BoldenAcademic Degree Program CoordinatorEmory CollegeI
Susan E BrowneProgram Administrative AssistantEmory CollegeI
Denise Brubaker MFAAcademic Dept AdministratorEmory CollegeI
Blanche BurchResearch Admin, Post Award IIEmory CollegeI
Margaret BurksProgram Admin AsstEmory CollegeI
Jerry ByrdAcademic Department AdministratorEmory CollegeI
Frances Campbell MSAsst Dir, ProgramEmory CollegeI
Kate CoblinAssistant Program DirectorEmory CollegeI
Susan D CookCoord, Academic Degree ProgEmory CollegeI
Connie CopelandSponsored Research AdministratorEmory CollegeI
Jolandra CrawfordHuman Resources AscEmory CollegeI
Julie Ann DarbyAcademic Department AdministratorEmory CollegeI
Chemmy DonkerHuman Resources AscEmory CollegeI
Melody EdwardsCoord Sr, ProgramEmory CollegeII
Laura Emmery PhDAsst ProfessorEmory CollegeI
Elizabeth Fricker FessendenCoord, ProgramEmory CollegeI
Gary FessendenProgram AdministratorEmory CollegeI
Lex HackneyCoord, ProgramEmory CollegeI
Anne M Hall MSLecturerEmory CollegeI
Patricia Hamilton JDAcademic Department Administrator and Graduate CoordinatorEmory CollegeI
Linnea E HarwellCoord, ProgramEmory CollegeI
Sonia Perez HaydenAsst Program DirectorEmory CollegeI
Michael HodginAcademic Department AdminEmory CollegeI
Abby HolstCoord, ProgramEmory CollegeI
Denese Jester SHRM-SCPHuman Resources Asc, SrEmory CollegeI
Matt E JordanAcademic Department AdminEmory CollegeI
Gabriela KocerhaCoord, ProgramEmory CollegeI
Donna LarsonAcademic Department AdministratorEmory CollegeI
Mary Susan LeeMgr, Emory College Faculty AppointmentsEmory CollegeII
Eva LewandowskinullEmory CollegeIII
Juana Clem McGhee BBA/MDivAcademic Department AdministratorEmory CollegeI
Shondra OdomsAcademic Department AdministratorEmory CollegeI
Neema OliverAcademic Department AdminEmory CollegeI
Laura PapottoSr Director,Operations/Chief of Staff ECEmory CollegeIII
La Shanda PerrymanAcademic Department AdministratorEmory CollegeI
Kristin D Phillips PhDSenior LecturerEmory CollegeIII
Todd Polley PhDDirectorEmory CollegeII
Onix RamirezAsc Dir, Business Ops (LRG)Emory CollegeI
Dina Rubinstein-HachamAcademic Department AdminEmory CollegeI
Shiyra SadoffUndergraduate Program CoordinatorEmory CollegeI
Martha ShockeyAdministrative Assistant, ProgEmory CollegeI
Astry SilvestreAcademic Department AdminEmory CollegeI
Anita Spencer StevensAccountantEmory CollegeI
Rosalind StaibAsc Dir, ProgramsEmory CollegeI
Jennifer StenjemAcademic Department AdminEmory CollegeIII
Clare SterlingCoord, ProgramEmory CollegeI
Kathy SummersAcademic Department AdministratorEmory CollegeI
R Candy Tate DAHAsst Dir, Ctr of Creativity & the ArtsEmory CollegeI
Alian TeachAcademic Department AdministratorEmory CollegeI
Joel TingleManager, Human ResourcesEmory CollegeII
Ana Maria VelezCoord, ProgramEmory CollegeI
Paula VitarisAcademic Program CoordEmory CollegeI
Kady WeingartDir, Research Admin SvcsEmory CollegeI
Alan WeinsteinDepartment AdministratorEmory CollegeI
David ClarkAssociate Vice President of Campus LifeEmory Campus LifeIII
Carol R DuncanHuman Resources AssociateEmory Campus LifeI
Ieisha FullerHuman Resources AscEmory Campus LifeI
Mekeshua L NorthSr Mgr, Human ResourcesEmory Campus LifeIII
Joyce AlstonAdministrative Assistant, ExecEVP Provost Academic AffairsI
Nicole Babcock JDAsst Dir, Investigations/DivEVP Provost Academic AffairsII
Peggy CroweProgram DeveloperEVP Provost Academic AffairsII
Tangela T DericoAssistant RegistrarEVP Provost Academic AffairsI
Corina DomozickBusiness Mgr, SrEVP Provost Academic AffairsI
Corina DomozickBusiness Mgr, SrEVP Provost Academic AffairsII
Lisa M. Fields MBABusiness ManagerEVP Provost Academic AffairsI
Katharine FosterDir, Emory Continuing Educ OpsEVP Provost Academic AffairsII
Jennifer E. HobbsChief of Staff/Asc Vc ProvostEVP Provost Academic AffairsI
Angela HolmonAdministrative AssistantEVP Provost Academic AffairsI
John LeachAsst Vc Prov/Dir, Univ Fin AidEVP Provost Academic AffairsIII
Lynn MageeMgr, Employee Ops-Provost's OfEVP Provost Academic AffairsI
Lynn MageeMgr, Employee Ops-Provost's OfEVP Provost Academic AffairsII
Wendy MorrellMgr, Fin Oper -Registrar's OfcEVP Provost Academic AffairsI
Heather MuggAsc Vice Provost, Undergrad EdEVP Provost Academic AffairsII
Rebecca NurseDir, Ofc of Faculty AffairsEVP Provost Academic AffairsI
Jackie ReeseAssessment Resources SpecEVP Provost Academic AffairsI
Jose G RodriguezDir, Budget Planning/AnalysisEVP Provost Academic AffairsI
Melissa SacksAdministrative Assistant, ExecEVP Provost Academic AffairsI
Melody L TottenBusiness ManagerEVP Provost Academic AffairsI
Audrey TurnerBusiness ManagerEVP Provost Academic AffairsI
Carol VessBusiness Mgr, SrEVP Provost Academic AffairsII
Kelly Richmond YatesAsst Dir, ProgramEVP Provost Academic AffairsI
Ed Moseley IIISr. Dir, Business & FinanceCommunications and MarketingII
Diana CarterChief Business Ofcr , TheologyCandler School Of TheologyIII
Katy DanielAdmissions AnalystCandler School Of TheologyIII
Jenka T FyfeExecutive Admin AsstCandler School Of TheologyI
Ron RezendesSenior Business ManagerCandler School Of TheologyI
Jan BeckerProgram Assoc, SrCampus ServicesI
Angie BrewerParking Programs CoordinatorCampus ServicesI
Kelli Howell-RobinsonHuman Resources SpecialistCampus ServicesII
Todd KerzieSr Dir, Maint Control-Fac OpsCampus ServicesIII
Jackie Owen EdDDivision Director, Human ResourcesCampus ServicesII
Chiquita ShaverHuman Resources SpecialistCampus ServicesI
Teara StricklandHuman Resources Asc, SrCampus ServicesIII
Heather BrooksDirector Organizational EffectivenessAffiliated OrganizationsIII
Almeta CollinsHuman Resources Asc, SrAffiliated OrganizationsII
Patricia DaysHuman Resources Asc, SrAffiliated OrganizationsI
Patricia DaysHuman Resources Asc, SrAffiliated OrganizationsIII
Richard HaythornExec Dir/CEO, ACPEAffiliated OrganizationsIII
Alice HuntEx Dir, Amer Acad of ReligionAffiliated OrganizationsI
Terry IzaguirreBusiness Mgr, SrAffiliated OrganizationsI
Nathalie JosephHuman Resources Asc, SrAffiliated OrganizationsII
Rashida KirtonAccountant, SeniorAffiliated OrganizationsI
Laura E McCartyExecutive Director, GHCAffiliated OrganizationsI
Deborah MinorDirector, Finance & AdministrationAffiliated OrganizationsI