Employee Education Plan Reimbursement

This application allows Emory Healthcare employees to apply for reimbursement of costs incurred in accordance with the Employee Education Plan.

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For assistance, please contact HR at EHC.HR/Benefits@emoryhealthcare.org.

Q. How do I upload electronic versions of the required documentation to my existing online application?

A. To upload electronic versions of the required documentation, follow the steps below.
1. If the document(s) are not already in electronic form, scan the document(s) and save them as PDF, TIFF, or JPEG files.
2. Log into the reimbursement system and click on “Review your Applications.”
3. Locate your application, and click Get Info
4. Click on Attach Documents at the bottom of your application.
5. From the Document Type menu, select the type of document you are uploading.
6. Click on the button next to "Select your documentation".
7. Select the file where your document(s) are saved.
8. Click the Attach button.
9. Your document(s) will appear on the application.

Repeat as necessary until all your documents have been attached.