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Human Resources Action Form


Human Resources Action Forms (HRAFs) allow University departments to notify Human Resources when information needs to be entered, corrected, or revised in the HR/Payroll System.

This system allows you to enter HR actions that previously required sending paper forms to multiple entities around campus for approval. Using this electronic system helps to shorten response time, reduce transcription errors, eliminate lost or misdirected paperwork, and reduce paper waste.


This system is designed to complement PeopleSoft HR Web, especially for sensitive changes, or business units, which require a specialized approval process. If you have used HR Web to enter a particular action in the past, please continue to do so. However, you should use this system in cases where you previously submitted a paper HRAF to HR. See "Available Actions," below, for categories and examples of actions you can perform using a HRAF.

If you have questions about which system to use, or how you should best enter a given change, please contact HR Data Services. Entering the change appropriately will ensure it is processed quickly.

Approving HRAFs

When a HRAF is submitted, the submitter must choose individuals responsible for approving the change. These individuals vary according to the business rules and practices of the departments involved.

Information entered will be visible to the approvers and reviewers associated with the HRAF, and will be subject to revision and approval by those approvers. HR Data Services will conduct a final review before transferring the information to the HR/Payroll systems.

If you are asked to approve a HRAF, please review it thoroughly and make changes as appropriate. If you have questions, contact the submitter, your department's HR Representative, or HR Data Services. You are responsible for all HRAFs you approve. Approving a HRAF with incomplete, incorrect or inappropriate information may result in or delay or added cost.

Available Actions

Find the type of change you wish to make in the list below to determine how the action should be created.

  • New Hires
    • Hires, Re-hires, or transfers for new faculty and equivalents
      Hiring of staff should be done through ERS.
      New Hires should first be entered into the Pre-Start system.
  • Promotions and Classification Changes
    • Promotions
    • Job Reclassifications due to significant changes in responsibilities
    • Demotions
    • Lateral Moves
    • Job Changes due to department/division reorganizations
  • Pay Rate Changes
    • Merit Increases
    • Below-range-minimum Pay Adjustments
    • FTE Changes (Changes in number of hours worked per week)
    • Out-of-Class Pay (OCP)
      • Begin OCP
      • End OCP (OCP is limited to six months; requires renewal beyond this period)
      • Renew OCP
  • Data Changes
    • Work Location Change
    • Corrections to mis-entered or out-of-date Department, Jobcode, or Pay Rate
      Changes to jobcode or pay rate that are not corrections should be entered as Promotions or Classification Changes
    • Supervisor Updates
    • Updates to grade or job title due to revised salary structures

Contact your department's Human Resources representative, or HR Data Services, if you require assistance.