Mom's Memory is Changing: Where do I go from here?

According to the Alzheimer's Association, every 65 seconds a person is diagnosed with a type of dementia. 5.7 million Americans are living with Alzheimer's or another type of dementia. Laura Medders, LCSW, will provide more information about dementia, the differences between Alzheimer's disease and other types of neurodegenerative diseases, and available treatments. Laura will also discuss resources in the Atlanta community and a unique clinic within the Emory system that strives to simplify and coordinate care, to provide increased access to experienced healthcare providers, and to provide high-quality care for people living with dementia.

March 20, 2019 12:15 PM - March 20, 2019 1:30 PM
School of Law/Gambrell Hall, 5B

Registration Deadline: March 20, 2019

Facilitator: Laura Medders

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